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What Is “Good” Web Design?

Thursday, Sep. 4th 2014

When someone mentions “good” web design, what comes to mind? Common answers likely¬†would be creativity, aesthetics, and how easy a site is to use. While those are characteristics of good web design, what really makes a design good is understanding the people for whom you are designing. Web design is about solving problems for people. You could have the most engaging visual design, but if that design doesn’t serve a purpose or is frustrating to use, then all you’ve got is … Read more

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Branding, Color Schemes, Philosophy, Web Design | Comments Off on What Is “Good” Web Design?

You Need A Great Website…Why Not Do It Yourself For Free?

Wednesday, Jun. 11th 2014

I don’t know about you, but I keep seeing a lot of commercials from and Wix on TV. They tend to catch my attention when they offer free websites, you know? After all, if websites are that easy, maybe I need to look for another profession! Free professional website? Free company Facebook pages? Free stuff is good, right? Want to know what I know?

Free is not usually Free will have a “professional” build you a free site. Last time … Read more

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Branding, Philosophy, ROI, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design, Web/Business Consulting | Comments Off on You Need A Great Website…Why Not Do It Yourself For Free?

A Look Ahead

Tuesday, Apr. 22nd 2014

These days you’ve likely heard a lot about mobile and/or responsive design geared toward mobile. The mobile industry has exploded over the past 5 years, with growth so massive that business simply can’t ignore it. However, mobile is only part of a responsive experience. Responsive websites should be viewable on any device with a web browser. This is much broader than just desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. In the near future, TVs, cars, wearable devices and more will all likely be able … Read more

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Mobile Web, Web Design | Comments Off on A Look Ahead
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