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Archive for February, 2009

Cold Spring offers new maintenance plan service

Feb. 22nd 2009

Cold Spring has offered website maintenance services to clients since 2001, billed at an hourly rate. Approximately 70% of our clients have us handle updates to their sites rather than pay for the up-front cost of integrating a content management system (CMS) into their websites. Our policy is to post updates within 3 business days and, with the exception of really busy periods, we’ve been able to do that for all minor updates. Redesigns and larger projects, obviously, need to have their … Read more

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Web/Business Consulting, Website Maintenance | Comments Off on Cold Spring offers new maintenance plan service

What’s the ROI of a Website?

Feb. 1st 2009

It’s been a week of SEO over here in Sutton, MA. Lots of search engine optimization discussions, quotes, overviews and work. Time spent doing searches, discussing searches, and especially poring over Google Analytics statistics. Why? Because that’s where the pedal meets the metal in designing marketing websites. Return on investment. We can’t measure success through direct purchases without a shopping cart. But we can look at the traffic, keywords, geographic profile and more. And in doing so, we can justify our work … Read more

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design, Web/Business Consulting | Comments Off on What’s the ROI of a Website?
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