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Archive for May, 2012

Should we consider using larger type sizes?

May. 25th 2012

A common request from clients is, “Can you increase the font size?” Now, this is a fair concern if legibility is paramount. However, with so much content filling a page, should our default type size really be larger? We must keep in mind that every website is different, and clients will have different goals. Some may want to emphasize emotion and personality. With the rise of web fonts, web designers now have a much larger range of typefaces to choose from for … Read more

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Web Design | Comments Off on Should we consider using larger type sizes?

Emotional Intelligence in Web Design

May. 9th 2012

While wandering around the blogosphere recently, I came across the topic of emotionally intelligent signage. The concept, espoused by author Dan Pink, who describes himself as “sign obsessed,” is that often signs work best either when they convey empathy to the viewer or elicit empathy from the viewer. If ever you have seen a highway construction sign saying “Please Slow Down: My Daddy Works Here” then you have an idea what Dan means. This sign reminds you of the children … Read more

Posted by | in Branding, Color Schemes, Copywriting, Philosophy, Web Design | Comments Off on Emotional Intelligence in Web Design
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