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A Look Ahead

Tuesday, Apr. 22nd 2014

These days you’ve likely heard a lot about mobile and/or responsive design geared toward mobile. The mobile industry has exploded over the past 5 years, with growth so massive that business simply can’t ignore it. However, mobile is only part of a responsive experience. Responsive websites should be viewable on any device with a web browser. This is much broader than just desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. In the near future, TVs, cars, wearable devices and more will all likely be able to access the web. Microsoft, Sony and Amazon already have TV solutions with web browsers. What about new wearable technology like Google Glass? Say what you will about the controversial nature of the device, however wearable technology is another area with MASSIVE growth potential. It’s currently very much in its infancy — not much beyond where the mobile phone was in the 80’s — but interest is already high.

Consider this, 5 years ago we didn’t have the iPad and the smart phone market wasn’t half what it is today. Looking ahead smart TV’s, wearable technology and even fully immersive Virtual Reality — no not the kind from the 80’s & 90’s — are already here or coming soon. These devices will shake up trends again. If your web experience is only geared towards desktop/tablet/mobile you will be at a disadvantage. When consuming content we are fickle and our patience drops considerably. Responsive will be the minimum requirement. Some will require more specific solutions and others more broad.

Prioritize your content and goals, know your users and aim to create an experience that delights them. The easier it is for your users to access the content they came for, the more likely they will leave satisfied.

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Mobile Web, Web Design | Comments Off on A Look Ahead
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