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Designing for the Right Market

Monday, Nov. 8th 2010

One of the toughest things to do as a web designer is to not design sites for other web designers. In general, they are not our clients, nor are they our clients’ intended market. Very occasionally the stars align and we can do the things that come naturally to us, but the rest of the time, we have a bit harder job. Think of it like an actor getting himself in character — albeit perhaps not quite to the Daniel Day Lewis level. We have to profile who’s going to be visiting the site we’re building. Is most of the intended market elderly? Are we appealing to a largely corporate crowd? Will the site visitors most likely be accumulating information – possibly printing the pages — and passing it to their bosses? Does the site have to display well to mobile devices or even have alternate stylesheets so that it appears built for the iPhone?

We’re about to launch a new website for our friends Scott & Donna over at Erb Photography. It’s not a site I’d ever sell to a large corporation — but hopefully it’s just right for our clients. Check it out at Even more importantly, we hope it’s right for their clients. It shows their character and creativity as well as their skill. It’s a cool design — we can’t wait to show it to you.

At Cold Spring, we’ve traditionally worked hard not to design websites that fall into the corporate/white background template feel. It doesn’t mean we can’t design sites like that well — just that we try to build identity and custom feel through shapes and colors that aren’t square and white. Right now, Cold Spring is trying to make a push into larger corporate clients. And our recent track record has become a hurdle instead of a starting block. Let’s see if we can shake off the non-corporate mantle and turn out some websites that will appeal to our new market. Check back in a few months and see if we’ve succeeded.

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Web Design, Web/Business Consulting | Comments Off on Designing for the Right Market
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