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Does Your Domain Name Matter?

Tuesday, Dec. 14th 2010

My two-year-old son had a pretty good laugh at a domain name the other day. We were driving behind a contractor’s truck on the highway and observed that the contractor had gone through the effort and expense to have his website address painted onto the truck. Nice lettering job too. The chuckle? Well, the address was (contractor name) There are times a domain name can hurt you and I’d say this is a prime one — when it’s so unprofessional that you lose the business before they’ve even stopped laughing.

For the record, I think Em was laughing because I was laughing, but maybe it was the other way around — I can’t quite remember.

So, does your domain name matter?

  • Is it professional?
  • Does it fit onto your printed materials?
  • It doesn’t spell anything inappropriate does it?

Okay, then you’re off to a good start.

Lots of companies are concerned about having really short domain names. They’re nice. These days, they also tend to be really expensive since you have to buy them from someone who’s squatting on them. It’s not worth it unless your marketing budget is big enough to easily bury an expense like that. Ask your customers — how often have they typed your domain name into a browser? Heck, did you know most people don’t even see the domain name when it comes up in a search? It’s not the biggest font, it’s not the boldest font, and unless you’re in technology, it doesn’t make as much sense as the title and description listed in the results. If you paid a lot of money for a domain name, you could put that money into a nicer website!

How about search engine optimization? Maybe you get a little SEO boost by having your keywords echoed in your domain name. Right now, at least. Tough to buy that ‘’ domain name and then have the search engines change their algorithms, forcing you to find some way to deal or switch.

Branding? Sure. There’s a lot of merit to this one. And it ties right into what I see as the biggest point:

Will someone who sees your email address know what you do and might they go check out your website?

That’s the key to me. If they already have your business card in front of them, you’re set. If they have your brochure, you’re set. If you came up well-ranked in a search, you’re all set. But what if they happen to see your email address? Can you pick up some additional traffic? I bet you can.

And with that said, it’s a minor deal. Get the best domain name you can. Make it fit your business. And then get back to work on your business while we build your website.

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Branding, Domains, ROI, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design, Web/Business Consulting | Comments Off on Does Your Domain Name Matter?
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