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Is Your Website Killing Your Business?

Thursday, Aug. 16th 2012

Show of hands: how many of you look up a store’s hours online and then call the store anyway to confirm? No one? Of course not, because you expect a business website to be accurate. If you can’t trust the company’s website, why would you trust the company?

Closed Sign with Conflicting MessageSmall businesses can have a more difficult time managing their web presence, as they often don’t have dedicated web teams. However, the size of your company shouldn’t be an excuse for having outdated … Read more

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Mobile-Friendly Websites: Why You Need One Now

Wednesday, Jul. 18th 2012

I’m not an early adopter. My preference is to land on other lemmings when I finally leap off the cliff – I just like padding, I guess! So my first iPad was version 2 and my first iPhone was version 4. I will happily agree that mobile devices have come a long way since my 1996 Motorola StarTAC — but is mobile browsing really here?

After 17 years in business, I’m not really a web designer. There are too many other components … Read more

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in ROI, Web Design, Web/Business Consulting | Comments Off on Mobile-Friendly Websites: Why You Need One Now

Should we consider using larger type sizes?

Friday, May. 25th 2012

A common request from clients is, “Can you increase the font size?” Now, this is a fair concern if legibility is paramount. However, with so much content filling a page, should our default type size really be larger? We must keep in mind that every website is different, and clients will have different goals. Some may want to emphasize emotion and personality. With the rise of web fonts, web designers now have a much larger range of typefaces to choose from for … Read more

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Web Design | 1 Comment »
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