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Cold Spring offers new maintenance plan service

Sunday, Feb. 22nd 2009

Cold Spring has offered website maintenance services to clients since 2001, billed at an hourly rate. Approximately 70% of our clients have us handle updates to their sites rather than pay for the up-front cost of integrating a content management system (CMS) into their websites. Our policy is to post updates within 3 business days and, with the exception of really busy periods, we’ve been able to do that for all minor updates. Redesigns and larger projects, obviously, need to have their own time line established.

The original decision to bill hourly rather than charge a monthly maintenance fee was made in an effort to minimize our client’s expenditures. Small businesses maintain a tight bottom line and we didn’t need to charge them unnecessarily if we weren’t doing any work on their sites. Over the past few years, however, we’ve learned there are some reasons for establishing a monthly maintenance budget:

  • Rush updates: Cold Spring is a small enough company that we don’t always have the ability to post updates within hours of the request. With a maintenance plan in place, we have the resources available to have a web designer on call and thus make the changes in a timely manner.
  • Performance review: In business (as in life), if there’s no pressure, it doesn’t get done. Yet websites are important marketing pieces for small businesses. Removing dead links, investigating website traffic and making changes based on usage, adding new technology and keeping the site up-to-date can all yield a positive return on investment
  • Budgeting: Simply put — it’s easier to run your business if you know what your expenses will be every month.

Does it make sense for your website? Since hosting a site is only about $10/month and a domain name is $15/yr, there’s almost no annual fee to have a website up and running. Will an extra $300 or $600 per month help bring in more business? Putting a few additional dollars to making the site perform is an important step we’d be happy to discuss with you!

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Web/Business Consulting, Website Maintenance | Comments Off on Cold Spring offers new maintenance plan service
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