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Website hosting and uptime monitoring

The last thing you need to worry about is your website.

Your site should be up and running without you having to ever think about it — that’s our job.

We host websites for nearly all of our clients and have done so for decades. That doesn’t mean sites don’t go down. That still happens, unfortunately. But our sites are up over 99.9% of the time, and when there’s a problem, we handle it for you.

We harden our servers and sites for protection against attacks, hacking, and malware. Then we monitor our sites to make sure that we know if there’s an issue. If there is, we fix it, often before our clients even know there’s an issue.

Keeping backups off-site helps. It means that even if something catastrophic happens, we have a copy of your site that we can retrieve and restore — often in minutes.

Just hosting WordPress sites isn’t enough though.

 You have to manage them.
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