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For most small businesses, your website’s primary purpose isn’t actually to drive new business.

Instead, it’s to convert visitors from referrals to customers. But some visitors will find you via other means, and that can be important too.

Every site we build has some level of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built into it. Your website needs to rank well at least when people search for your organization and display prominently with clear titles and descriptions. This first step in establishing professionalism happens before visitors even reach your website.

We work with our clients to gain search engine rankings for company and organization names. We target key personnel, locations, services, and products. But we also counsel our clients on how search engine optimization works, what to expect, and how to succeed over time.

Google owns about 85% of search traffic, and Google Local Business is a big deal. This includes the map and additional business info that appears on Google, with photos, hours, reviews, etc. We work with our clients to claim and improve the listing, get more positive reviews, and generally make it beneficial to your business.

Google Search Console and Analytics tell us more about how you’re being found/not found and how visitors are navigating your website. These tools, especially Analytics, are complex. We simplify them and tell you the important details.

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