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Designing for the Right Market

Monday, Nov. 8th 2010

One of the toughest things to do as a web designer is to not design sites for other web designers. In general, they are not our clients, nor are they our clients’ intended market. Very occasionally the stars align and we can do the things that come naturally to us, but the rest of the time, we have a bit harder job. Think of it like an actor getting himself in character — albeit perhaps not quite to the Daniel Day Lewis … Read more

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Web Design, Web/Business Consulting | Comments Off on Designing for the Right Market

Content, Design, and Deadlines

Monday, Nov. 1st 2010

Want to see our web designer get frustrated? Ask him to design a website without content. Chris doesn’t get angry with me — not at first. It’s more of a “how can you be so stupid” expression that crosses his face. I’ve got 10 years of web design experience, having handled every part of sales, project management, copywriting, design, build, etc. And I’m finally ready to give up and just agree with him. How can I be so stupid?

For those of … Read more

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Project Management, Web Design | Comments Off on Content, Design, and Deadlines

Good People, Good Business: Part 1

Tuesday, Oct. 26th 2010

My grandfathers both sold property & casualty (P&C) insurance — but they did it quite differently.

Grandpa Lenny, my maternal grandfather, was a New Yorker. He was a charmer. A schmoozer. A funny guy. He was also really, really good at his job. I know that ’cause I spent a lot of time polishing his Jaguar and learning what a ‘foot wedge’ was on the golf course. On the other hand, I don’t have a clue what his clients thought about him. … Read more

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Our Role Models | Comments Off on Good People, Good Business: Part 1
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