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You Need A Great Website…Why Not Do It Yourself For Free?

Wednesday, Jun. 11th 2014

I don’t know about you, but I keep seeing a lot of commercials from and Wix on TV. They tend to catch my attention when they offer free websites, you know? After all, if websites are that easy, maybe I need to look for another profession! Free professional website? Free company Facebook pages? Free stuff is good, right? Want to know what I know?

Free is not usually Free will have a “professional” build you a free site. Last time I saw one of these, it was built like we built websites eight years ago. It wasn’t search engine-friendly, mobile-friendly, or ADA-friendly. This was a new client’s site and he’d come to us because he didn’t like how the site looked. When I peeked into his account, I saw something even uglier. had sold him unnecessary add-ons that were going to cost him $95 per month! And some of the add-ons were for things like “search engine submission” — a service that you shouldn’t pay for at all any more according to Google. Wix will let you put together a free site. Then they put a big banner on it, advertising Wix. Since that banner clearly doesn’t look professional on a website, you might want to remove that banner and now you’re paying a minimum of $10.95 per month. You’ll pay more for websites with more traffic, but at least this is a pretty low monthly fee.

So they’re Not Free, but are they Good?

Um, no. The model of hiring a pseudo-professional will generally result in especially poor results. The Wix model of using one of their templates will result in a better overall appearance, but still not a website that will represent your company well. Why?

What does a Web Designer Do?

More than just build websites. At Cold Spring, we succeed when our clients succeed. In order to help them succeed, we learn about their business and marketing plans, then guide them towards a website that’s the best solution for their current plans and budget.

  • In some cases, that’s an inexpensive website without much branding or functionality, but it’s well-built and fits their budget.
  • Sometimes the right website helps establish their visual brand and professional image, but doesn’t have much functionality.
  • Occasionally the majority of the budget is spent in search engine optimization if it’s likely there’s a significant return on their investment.
  • Or we might focus on creating a strong client portal to help them interact with clients effectively.
  • Sometimes budget isn’t an issue. Sometimes we get to work with clients to create an optimal solution across the board for appearance, messaging, search, professionalism, product sales and other functionality. Those sites, of course, are mobile-friendly and simple to administer, because ALL of our sites are.

If you think that kind of work can be put into a free website, however, I’d like some of whatever you’re having! It’s just not possible to run a steady web design business and generate free quality sites. We need to charge enough to pay for our time.

We Provide Reliable Web Services that Help Your Company Succeed.

No frustration. No unknowns. No trouble communicating. We want to create a solid, long-term relationship with you and your company. Want to learn more? Let’s find a time to chat about your website.

Posted by Jeff Lerman | in Branding, Philosophy, ROI, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design, Web/Business Consulting | Comments Off on You Need A Great Website…Why Not Do It Yourself For Free?
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